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Current Projects

Below are the projects EWB-MN is currently assisting local communities on.

mountain in Guatemala
Screenshot 2024-04-10 134440.png

Janko Kollo Water Project

Project Location: La Paz, Bolivia

Community Name: Janko Kollo

Project Type: Water Project


Simajhuleu Water Project

Project Location: Comalapa, Guatemala

Community Name: Simajhuleu

Project Type: Water Project

gibbs farm project.jpg

Gibbs Farm

Project Location: Falcon Heights, MN

Project Type: Building Improvement

andrew petterson photo.png

Andrew Peterson Farm

Project Location: Waconia, MN

Project Type: Building Improvement

Chuchurras Team

Chuchurras Water Project

Project Location: Pasco Region of Peru

Community Name: Chuchurras

Project Type: Water Project


Rio Azul School Project

Project Location: Rio Azul, Quiche, Guatemala

Community Name: Aldea Rio Azul 

Project Type: Secondary School


Santa Elena Water Project

Project Location: Santa Elena, Quiche, Guatemala

Community Name: Santa Elena 

Project Type: Water Project

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