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Chuchurras Water Project

Project Location: Pasco Region of Peru

Community Name: Chuchurras

Project Type: Water Project


Current Problem:  The 500-person community in the Pasco Region of Peru has to manually collect unclean water from the local streams and rivers. These water sources are often scarce during the 3-month dry season. The only remaining flowing streams are contaminated with fecal matter, leading to health issues within the community.  


Project Goal:  The primary goal of the project is to provide a year-round source of clean and reliable water to the community. EWB-MN’s assessment trip in October 2018 showed a groundwater well would be the most effective solution to provide water to the community. The well and pump will be powered by solar panels to pump groundwater up to a water storage tank at the high point of the community. From there, a gravity distribution pipe network will be used to deliver the water to communal taps. To ensure the quality of the water, a chlorination treatment system will be used. All components will be designed and constructed to be the most cost-effective solution while also being sustainable for the community for years to come.   


Current Phase:  The team traveled in June 2023 to finish completing the well and provide flowing water.

Total Project Costs: $122,000
Project Travel: Assessment trip in September 2019

                           Implementation trip in  June 2023

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