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What a Year!!

As the holidays come and we start wrapping up 2023. We want to highlight just what a great year it has been for EWB-MN!

As always we have been working hard on our current projects. Our volunteers working on the Chuchurras Water Project were able to travel to the local community and help with the installation of the well and pipes. They had a great time connecting with and helping the locals! If you missed reading about their travels back in June, it's not too late to check out their travel updates and see what it takes to install a well in a rural jungle community!

This past year we have also managed to host several chapter events, starting with our park clean up back in April for Earth Day, followed by not one, but two, summer BBQs. One with our chapter and another hosted alongside a few other local Engineering chapters. Our last one, we connected with our EWB-UMN chapter this fall where we got to share what our chapter has been doing and hear about what the university chapter has been accomplishing. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers who came out to our events and keep an eye out in the new year for our chapter events to come!

Lastly, back in November some of our members were fortunate to attend the EWB-USA conference. While at the conference Alex Miller was able to share the GIS and Survey technology they have been using for the Santa Elena Water Project. The work he and the other volunteers have been doing with this technology is amazing and something we hope to help other EWB chapters implement in their projects. We were also so excited to find out that our Minnesota chapter was once again recognized as a Premier Professional Chapter by EWB-USA for the second year in a row!! It is amazing to see how all of our hard work not only impacts our chapter but all of the other EWB chapters as well.

Congratulations to all of our volunteers on the amazing work and dedication you have put in this year. We can't wait to see what 2024 has in store for us next year!!

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