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As a confident engineer, something I struggle with is the anxiety and uncertainty that builds when things are left uncertain, and decisions have to be made without all the information you may want. That’s what the last four years have been like for me, uncertain we can fulfill our commitment to the community of Chuchurras, and that the project would perform at the capacity that we need.

That’s where EWB’s core value of partnership shines. Together we can persevere to complete necessary projects in challenging times. Whether it’s teaching the community how to perform a well and groundwater investigation, pump testing, or construction methods (both what actually works with their local experience and what’s necessary to make a long-lasting structure) together the community of Chuchurras, ReachGlobal, and our EWB-MN chapter’s partnership has led this water project to continue forward. We’re now known as the team that builds wells via WhatsApp.

Chris Larson, EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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