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Days 15 & 16 - The Sprint at the End of a Marathon

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Over the last few days my body has been shutting down, I have been bedridden since Wednesday with a gnarly sickness. The team continued to press on without me, celebrating with the community for another communal lunch (with cake, which is a rare occurrence for them) and exchanging gifts. Everyone from the team was made something by the community.

Even with these fun events work must still progress. We were able to connect all of the water main together from the well to the tanks. I did have to come out and work through the illness to push the pace and get the work totally done for connecting the electrical and pump controls. But by midday Saturday everything works and water is flowing! It was a challenging time for the team but they persevered and got it done.

There are still a few things the community will need to finish on their own for water to flow through the taps, but we're confident we can continue making progress together.

The second travel team included the following people:

- Mark is a country engineer with Dakota County, MN and is the lead designer for our water main and distribution network and a REIC.

- Gareth is a Senior Survey Technician with Barr, and was the lead for gathering all of our drone topography and surveying information.

- Paige is a mechanical engineer with MMC, and helped develop the well plumbing.

- Brian is a retired water/wastewater engineer with Stanley, and is our original REIC and water resources expert.

- Chris is a geotechnical engineer at Stanley and is the co-lead.

This will be the last blog update for our Chuchurras Implementation trip. Thanks to everyone for following along and to Abigail, behind the scenes, for uploading these for us every day! If you're interested in learning more about the Chuchurras, Peru water project, EWB-USA, the Minnesota chapter, and the other local & international projects we do, or other ways to get involved or start a project please reach out to me directly at I have been heavily involved with all aspects of EWB for 13 years so I can answer any questions or get you connected with the right people. Ciao for now!

Chris Larson - EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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