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Days 12 & 13 - Battling Nature and a Roof

Day 12

It rained most of the day today. This made it difficult to make significant progress, but progress was still made. We connected all the pipes we have laid together, including our bridge transitions. Gareth also started his drone survey work today.

While we assembled the well building plumbing they made significant progress on the roof. At the end of the day, they will have all of the roof rafters up. Tomorrow we should be able to get the tin roof and solar panels installed; if it doesn't rain all day again...

Day 13

No solar panels installed yet, but the roof is totally complete. Benjamin's roofing team will help us install the panels tomorrow. The team also worked to finish all of the tanks' plumbing, now we just need more pipes to finish off the water main.

The days are winding down now before our time here in Peru ends, and there are still plenty of pieces to fall into place for water to be flowing by then.

Chris Larson - EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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