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Day 9 - The Weekenders

Today we said goodbye to most of the week 1 team. Rena, Phil, and Jackie all start the long journey back to Lima. There's more time built in on this return journey allowing for chocolate stops, snacks, scenic views, and rest by the pool!

Brian and I continue to push work forward in the community and prepare for Monday. The community has 50 people expected to work Monday. So we've been busy organizing work, ensuring we can fully utilize everyone and get a significant amount of work done Monday. In the meantime, more backfilling and trenching occurs. And most importantly our lumber arrives by river Monday. 🤞

We ended the night with a thank-you dinner for Benjamin, Juan's family, Meredith, and Sarai. We took everyone out to the local Chifa place for Chaufa. It was wonderful to meet all of Juan's lovely family! Who graciously let us store our solar panels in their house for months.

Chris Larson - EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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