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Day 5 - When are those materials coming again?

One of the biggest tasks we face at EWB is coordinating materials and construction. From construction sequencing and scheduling labor to ensuring all the materials are available, ordered in time, and work with each other. But even with all the preparations in the world, work in these developing areas never comes without its challenges.

In all my years of EWB work, we've never had all the materials available right when we need them. This is what we spent most of today figuring out, what work can we do with what we have. The community and we are at the mercy of the rural material suppliers and have to work around their schedules. Wither that is materials being delivered Wednesday, Friday, Wednesday again, or tonight. Our work schedules must remain fast yet flexible to complete the work in the 2-weeks we're on site.

Finding things locally is also an adventure! After the work day, the team embarked on a scavenger hunt to find power converters, pipe fittings, copper wire, and water. (We also may have found draft beer and ice cream!) After searching through all 6 of the local ferreterías (hardware stores) we found everything we needed to continue tomorrow.

All of the PVC pipes arrive tonight and the excavator comes tomorrow to dig the trenches. We expect big things tomorrow!

Chris Larson, EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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