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Day 3 - Arrival

Driving the trail through the Amazon jungle of Peru; snaking our way through washed-out roads, water pits, and stuck semis. These are the lengths EWB volunteers go to in order to provide essential infrastructure to communities in need.

Our travel to Chuchurras starts with 14-hours of overnight flights into Lima, followed by an early morning domestic flight to Jauja. The high mountain desert of Jauja sits at 11,200 feet and is where we start our descent down to 900 feet at Chuchurras. From atop the Andes, we drop down into the mountain farm fields of Tarma (where we need to change the spare tire) and into the canyon lands and switch back roads of San Ramon and Villa Rica, 4-hours away. Where we stop for the famous Peruvian dish, Loma Saltado. No sightseeing though as our next leg is another four hours of unended dirt and rock roads, and passing cars bring you into the trees. We finally arrived at the hotel at 8:30PM, a 26-hour journey in total.

I write this as the cerveza gets warm and the jungle chirps around us. Not much time for rest for tomorrow we arrive in Chuchurras.

Chris Larson, EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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