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Juan and Benjamin are our guys. These are the two that have been working hand in hand with the community to construct our remote implementation projects, when you need to understand a community or get something built these are the two to talk to.

Juan is the old Jefe (leader of Chuchurras) and still commands the respect of the entire community. When community labor is needed to haul and sieve sand/rock or clear the site Juan is able to assemble the team needed.

Benjamin is an experienced local contractor self-taught while growing his own contracting business. In the Isco area, he is the guy to go to. We rely on his local construction experience while providing insight into new construction techniques. When constructing the well build, we remotely walked them through the sequence of construction for proper confined masonry construction.

These two have been crucially important for the success of the project so far.

Muchas Gracias Juan y Benjamin!

Chris Larson, EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead

*originally posted June 5, 2023


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