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Day 11 - Un Gran Dia!

What a day! We welcomed three new team members (Gareth, Mark, and Paige) late last night who immediately got put to work with our busiest day yet. Over 100 community members showed up today! With all this additional labor we were able to install, bed, and back fill 1,200 feet of water main. It was a remarkable effort by the community and they were very proud of the work they achieved.

More exciting news today. The wood arrived and Benjamin started construction of the roof! That is a huge weight off our shoulders. If everything goes good our solar panels should be installed Thursday, and be ready to pump water.

The community ended the day with a few traditional Yanesha dances, even pulling a few team members in to dance with them. Being able to experience the community's joyfulness, for such a critical project for life, is truly inspiring and emotional.

Chris Larson - EWB-MN Chuchurras Project Lead


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