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Rio Azul School Project

painting the school in Rio Azul

Project Location: Rio Azul, Quiche, Guatemala

Community Name: Aldea Rio Azul 

Project Type: Secondary School 

Community Impact: 2,000 people


Current Problem: The community does not have a building dedicated to a higher education level. Because of this, older students are sharing a building with the younger students. This shared space is inadequate due to the lack of physical space and the crossing of activities between the two educational levels. 


Project Goal:  Design and construct a secondary school for the community that will consist of 7 classrooms, 2 admin rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom facility, and an athletic court.


Current Phase: Phase I completed in 2022; Phase II currently in progress

Total Project Costs: $177,000

Project Travel: Implementation trip May 2022

                           Community Celebration Spring 2024

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