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Colfax Library Project

colfax, wi public library sign

Project Location: Colfax, Wisconsin

Project Type: Community building improvement

Community Impact:  1,200 people 


Problem: The Colfax Public Library is an important building for the small community in western Wisconsin. Presently, the building can only be partially used because of water and electrical issues in the basement. Several vertical supports are holding up a structure that was not meant to hold the weight of the library. The building also lacks proper accessibility, making it difficult for all members of the community to enter the building and get from floor to floor.     


Project Goal:  EWB-MN provided an engineering assessment plan. The plan included the work needed to be done to make the entire building accessible. Additionally, it included the costs associated with the work so the community could receive grants and remodel the building. The project focused on providing engineering evaluations and recommendations. There was no construction phase. 

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