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Patzac, Guatemala

Project Location: San Andrés Sajcabajá Municipality, Quiché, Guatemala

Community Name:  Aldea Patzac  

Project Type: School

Community Impact: 500 people, 45 elementary-aged students


Problem:  The school structure, built from clay bricks, was jeopardized from decades of mild seismic activity and extreme erosion from the rainy seasons. Additionally, the Paztac community has outgrown the school and some children are not able to attend class. The existing pit latrines are not sanitary and difficult to use when assisting young children. 


Project Goal:  Phase 1 of the project involved designing, procuring, and constructing a new confined masonry school structure. Phase 1 took into account the mild seismic activity the region experiences. The new school was completed in summer 2020 with four rooms; for a total capacity of 60 kids. Phase 2 of the project included replacing the existing latrines and construction of a new retaining wall to stabilize the eroding slope that encroached on the new school. 

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