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Thank You To All Our Donors!!

Updated: Apr 12

Here at EWB-MN, our volunteers put countless hours into their projects to ensure the work they are doing is impactful and we work hard each year to help improve the communities we work with. Of course, all of this work would be for nothing if it wasn't for the help of each and every one of our donors.

You are what makes our work each year possible. Without your contribution, EWB-MN would not be able to travel to the communities we partner with and interact with the people directly benefiting from the projects. We also wouldn't be able to bring to life our project designs and implement them in those communities.

Below you will find our annual donor report, where you can learn more about how your contribution benefited us and contributed to our chapter accomplishments throughout the last year.

From all of us here at EWB-MN,

Thank you!

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